26-06-2015 13:30

Uz obilježavanje 26.juna - Medjunarodnog dana borbe protiv svih oblika torture Skandalozno je da država BiH i pored sudski utvrdjenih činjenica neusvajanjem Zakona o pravima žrtava torture negira postojanje logora i njegovih žrtava...


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26-06-2015 13:30

Uz obilježavanje 26.juna - Medjunarodnog dana borbe protiv svih oblika torture

Skandalozno je da država BiH i pored sudski utvrdjenih činjenica neusvajanjem Zakona o pravima žrtava torture negira postojanje logora i njegovih žrtava

Povodom obilježavanja 26.juna - Medjunarodnog dana borbe protiv torture Društvo za ugrožene narode za BiH odaje počast svim žrtvama koje su tokom agresije na BiH 1992 - 1995.godine bile izložene masovnim mučenjima, masovnim silovanjima, deportacijama u koncentracione logore i masovnim ubijanjima. 

"Nalazimo da je nedopustivo da preživjele žrtve ovih užasnih zločina i dvadeset godina nakon završetka rata nemaju Zakon po kojem mogu ostvariti pravo na socijalnu i zdravstvenu zaštitu, na besplatnu pravnu pomoć, te pravo na kompenzaciju i rehabilitaciju", istakla je Fadila Memišević, predsjednica Društva za ugrožene narode za BiH, dodajući da je Bosna i Hercegovina prema preporukama UN-ovog Komiteta protiv torture (CAT) još 2005.godine bila obavezna da po hitnom postupku usvoji Zakon o pravima žrtava torture, što se još uvijek nije desilo.

Skandalozno je, i pored činjenice da je Medjunarodni sud za ratne zločine u Den Hagu izrekao oko 800 zatvorskih kazni za zločine počinjene u BiH, od čega se oko 90 % odnosi na zločine počinjene u logorima, da država Bosna i Hercegovina neusvajanjem Zakona o pravima žrtava torture negira postojanje logora i njihovih žrtava. 


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Komentar od Grabi | 04-03-2010
ma ovo je daljnji nastavak na Bosnu i sve sto je Bosansko,to me i necudi sada ovo hapsenje u Londonu Ejupa Ganica i jos milion stvari koje ponizavaju BiH gradjane ponasanjem Srbije prema BiH. Mene cudi slaba reakcija nasih politicara koji slabo ili nikako ne reaguju na ovakva ponasanja .Kada treba izlobirati novac od medjunarodnih institucija onda su tu maheri a za ostalo bas ih briga moze nas proganjati svaki interpol svijeta a da nista po tom pitanju ne bude preduzeto
Komentar od hasic | 10-12-2010
ja sam brat od jednog od trojice navedenih u ovom postupku i mislim da malo ljudi u bih zna pravu istinu o ovim ljudima i njihovoj patnji u srpskim rukama a ta patnja jos uvijek traje ali psihicki da nemozete zamisliti covjek ne zna ni gdje,zivi niti kako se zove. bez ijednog licnog dokumenta on je niko i cak ne postoji. nemaju svoju slobodu a zbog cega,niko im ne zna reci.nasi politicari se vade na razne nacine i ne biraju sredstva da se izvuku kad zaskripa njima a za obicne ljude niko ne mari...
Komentar od Lejla | 25-09-2016
Komentar od Lejla | 25-09-2016
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Komentar od INSURANCEDig | 18-04-2018
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Komentar od Donaldjeorb | 23-04-2018
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Komentar od JeremyBap | 25-05-2018
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It is far from rare for people to wind up in need of quick cash. Because of the quick lending of payday advance loan providers, it can be possible to obtain the money as soon as the same day. Listed below, there are actually some suggestions that will assist you find the pay day loan that fit your needs.
Avoid hair dryers and toned irons in order to stop hair loss. The high temperature from all of these goods can dry the hair making it fall out. When you have to utilize them, be sure that you keep these things both on the very low establishing.
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Although variations and styles modify, jewelry is on this page to stay. Your family members can barely get through life without getting a minimum of a couple of items of jewellery. Essentially this information has shown that you simply couple of useful approaches to improve the jewellery-owning expertise. When it is dealt with properly, jewellery can be your most important and long lasting ownership.Everything You Should Know With Regards To Reducing Allergy symptoms
First, try out basic steps to ease heavy snoring. Should you be obese, shedding just a few lbs can alleviate pressure in your airway and minimize snoring. Getting to sleep on your side instead of your back will also help. Don't consume caffeinated drinks, alcoholic beverages, or huge dishes in close proximity to sleeping, because they could make heavy snoring worse.
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Cleaning your house on the weekly foundation is the easiest way to eliminate insect. Make use of your vacuum on the bed mattress also in case you have these bugs. Substitute the vacuum travelling bag routinely and invest in a good quality carpet cleaning mousse in order to disinfect your whole property effectively.
Perhaps you have wandered along the alcoholic beverages aisle of your respective food store? You might have possibly felt overwhelmed by all the red wine relevant alternatives you've had to make. However, choosing and servicing the best bottle of vino can be less difficult with more experience and collected assistance. The next report gives you some terrific within suggestions worldwide of red wine!
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If you are going to be purchasing stocks and shares, it is essential that you know about inventory splits. A carry divided is basically each time a business improve its gives figures in order that many people can find into it. For instance, let's say you owned or operated 20 offers of the supply at 10 money every single. With a carry divided, you will very own 40 gives at 5 bucks each and every.
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When choosing precious jewelry for an individual that you simply care about, be sure that the type of jewelry that you receive them suits the type of relationship you might be in. This will be significant because, in many cases, the receiver will see the gift idea being a actual physical kind of expressing the objectives that they have.
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If you plan to visit buying clothes when overseas, analysis that area's measuring system. Outfit specifications fluctuate greatly from state to state. Additionally, they differ tremendously from brand name to brand. Nonetheless, a fundamental expertise in their garments measurements can help you get into the ballpark so far as getting a sizing that fits you moves.
A fantastic strategy to use to possess a successful website marketing ad is to conclusion your advertising by using a discounted price. Men and women often buy an item that they know is cheaper than it usually was. By way of example, you can say things like "instead of paying $99 it can be now $79".
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Know the competitors and analysis what others are submitting within your area of interest. Go through more than a selection of their submissions consistently and change your distribution accordingly. This lets you determine what information and facts and subject areas the viewers happen to be acquiring a lot of and what information would nonetheless appear fresh.
You will be nicely equipped now to handle unwanted pests at home. There ought to be a sigh of alleviation knowing that you aren't going to need to hire a pest control expert any further. You may have what you must create a pest management program at home one your own with your loved ones.How To Prevent The Issues Of Diabetes mellitus
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Be sure to possess a centerpiece for the picture. This should actually be first of all , the viewer's eyesight is attracted to. Whether or not it's a rose, an individual, or a pet bird, each and every chance you take needs to have a particular center of attention. Don't only take into consideration what the point of interest is, but determine the ideal location for it inside the picture.
Make sure your portable advertising carries a clear path to unsubscribing. You can find lawful ramifications to never having an apparent choose-on each and every part of cellular and digital advertising, so build your choose-out program as well that you are growing your subscription system. Every single system handles this in a different way, but choose-outs can be achieved by simply clicking a website link or by text messaging a word like 'unsubscribe' into a mobile quick code.
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Though you're marketing and advertising in the portable planet, you still have to ensure that you continue boosting your efforts outside this kingdom. Enabling other areas of marketing and advertising to lapse and placing too much center on mobile phone advertising will injured your small business, no matter how properly your cellular advertising has been doing. Utilize your calendar and project collection to spend typical instances for each sort of marketing campaign.
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You can training using Fx trading methods from your level of privacy of your house. You will have no real money traded, so it is risk-free and only to assist you to study from trial and error. The greater number of assured you will be inside your trading and realize how to do it, the better dollars you are making as opposed to drop.
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Make sure you get your asthma attack medications just as your physician prescribes them, even though you haven't been battling any symptoms these days. Lacking signs or symptoms doesn't suggest your asthma went apart it just means your medications are working! This consists of your precautionary prescription drugs in addition to your recovery inhaler.
Tinnitus might be afflicted with the level of sodium a individual uses frequently. If you suffer from tinnitus and also you see that the degree of it offers elevated, you need to be likely to cut the amount of sea salt you are ingesting. The salt will impair circulation of blood and then make issues worse for yourself.
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In summary, you got into this short article wanting to know exactly what organic and natural garden was now, you have to have a fairly clear notion of what it is. Ideally, this new understanding will help you not just in develop the garden, but also enable you to talk about this info with people who have the same interests.Arranging A Wedding ceremony? Read Through This Great Assistance!
Everybody wants to obtain shiny, healthful-hunting hair. The simplest way to have the appearance you desire is always to gain a total being familiar with of the finest good hair care practices and habits. Through taking the ideas in this part to cardiovascular system, you can expect to quickly become a your hair expert and be the jealousy of your buddies.
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Most pupil car owners create a greater risk to automobile insurance firms since their age group bracket is statistically associated with far more incidents, but students can overcome this simply by creating the respect roll. College students with very good levels are less likely to acquire powering the tire with their cars drunk or having taken medications, and insurance companies know this.
Splendor is usually just the best way to explain looking after your self. Should you be taking care of your physique, your skin and your brain, you can't support but be considered a beautiful individual, and undertaking that around the world. This article offers you some useful tips of how to do that.
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Vehicle insurance exists for many types of automobiles, for example automobiles, vans, pickup trucks, and in many cases motorcycles. Regardless of what the vehicle is, the insurance serves exactly the same goal on their behalf all, providing compensation for individuals in case there is a car accident. If you want recommendations on choosing automobile insurance for the vehicle, then read this report.
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When growing your e mail, consider how big the preview pane is at most email studying software program. When your email is nicely past the size of this review pane, it is advisable to change it immediately. Many people go through their e-mail solely in this preview pane. Details that is outside the scale in the soreness may not be noticed whatsoever from your viewer.
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Always try to give prospective customers new facts about your subject matter. Once you have been writing about your area of interest for a long time it becomes very difficult to not repeat exactly the same information and facts. Try maintaining abreast of recent situations and improvements with your subject matter area and convert all those into articles.
There are numerous methods to minimize on the loud snoring, and a lot of them require different methods to deal with the disturbance. When you grab a wind flow tool, rehearsing it can make your soft palate much stronger. Maintaining the muscle tissues up there more robust will keep your atmosphere passageways available and may stop you from heavy snoring.
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Are you finding that you're constantly simply being motivated to join a wireless group? Avoid this nagging by starting Configurations after which Wi-Fi, then establishing Check with to sign up with Networking sites to away from. This will likely hook up you to networking sites for which the security password is well known with out you being forced to agree the link.
It is important to have got a recognizable logo. Your business depends upon its picture, so a cohesive, simplified logo will assist your prospects bear in mind your small business name as well as its goal. This company logo ought to be not so difficult to printing on control buttons in addition to being very easy to make out on your website banner. The greater number of your organization stays into a style, the better.
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One of the better wildlife to get like a animal is actually a dog. Canines are affectionate wildlife which provide fantastic companionship for individuals of any age. Dogs have lots of fantastic characteristics, but owners typically find them tough to train. If you are experiencing difficulty instruction your dog, then read through this report.
For those who have a drip device, you should try using different varieties of filtration system. Okay filters will maintain a lot of gas but are best if you use carefully soil espresso. You need to test out distinct filtration system and visit your favored cafe for any broader collection of filter systems and a few useful information on which filters you should utilize to your preferred blend.
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Be willing to learn about new countries and individuals. Do not acquire filter-minded tips on your journeys. You will be reaching and interacting with a variety of people and they also could possibly have very different tips than you possess. When you are judgmental, you will probably skip a lot of the good thing about your vacation spot.
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Reddish colored wines is a great option when ingesting reddish meat including steak or beef meals. Drinking red-colored wine using these foods can really help to create out the flavor of both food and also the red wine. Also you can take advantage of the reddish colored vino although cooking food to help you increase the flavoring of your meat.
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Carrying out your house enhancements doesn't need to be overpowering, but men and women experienced with renovating, fixing, and boosting their houses recognize that quick and easy guidelines can make a big difference. If you're thinking of starting new home improvements, carry the following advice under consideration to make certain almost everything should go proper completely nothing fails.
What age we seem usually offers quite a bit with regards to how the outer skin looks. Should it be wrinkled, has brownish areas, does not have a proper gleam--it demonstrates aging. These days there are lots of nutrients and products offered to relieve these circumstances and then make our skin wholesome and our look young.
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Maintain a good frame of mind. You're only as old as you may feel, of course, if you stay optimistic getting older can be a amazing time of your life. Ensure you commence each day offering thank you for whatever you have in your own life, and enjoy just how much greater the time occurs when you method it happily.
Acquiring espresso via a push by way of each day on how you can function could possibly get costly. If you find that what you are actually shelling out for your espresso repair each day is nearly similar to each of your utility bills. You will discover a answer. Purchase a coffeemaker and produce your espresso at home within the mornings. This can save you money, and you will get a perfect mug of coffee each time.
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The beginning of the article mentioned that correct investigation and studying is always an incredible commence for discovering the right medical health insurance business to handle your case when you really need it the most. Nobody is generally wholesome and health insurance helps you protect most or each of the expenses if you want medical care. Use the tips from your post over and you will be on your journey to dwelling a proper and covered lifestyle.Health Insurance May possibly Keep Your Existence And Your Family
In the course of a panic attack, consider exercising "7-11 breathing". This technique entails breathing in while you little by little count to several and respiration out when you little by little matter to 11. This guarantees that you are getting deeply, slow-moving breaths, which inhibits you against ingesting an excessive amount of air (known as hyperventilating).
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An excellent advantage of getting an iphone 4 is you do not require to purchase a GPS program. The iphone 4 includes a precise Global positioning system method. Since the iPhone's Gps navigation program previously is aware of existing location, simply put with your preferred vacation spot, and you will probably get succinct instructions, in the same way you will having a regular Global positioning system system.
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A single key to controlling your tinnitus is usually to avoid noisy disturbances, which only makes the issue a whole lot worse. When you are traveling, make sure to use ear plugs or some type of noise blocking system together with you. Preventing out all of the sounds surrounding you will no less than provide you with a workable problem, and tranquility for the little while.
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Make sure you make it possible for threaded feedback. Some weblog web sites enable you to chose the degree of the threaded remarks. The typical 1 is generally about 5. Well before those choices existed, you needed to down load plugins. These threaded responses provide a excellent visible booster, and they might help enhance the interactions on your own weblog.
Look for a teeth bleaching plan which fits into your life and schedule. Some need very long amounts of time by using a gel or some other product on your own pearly whites. For those who have an active plan with little lower time, this might not work for you. Other courses require numerous treatment options in the course of a day. Locate one which fits your life-style.
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Provided you can, attempt to avoid those specialized merchandise and shaped bedroom pillows and stuff like that to assist in reducing back problems. These trigger your whole body to comply with a certain placement, and when you're not any longer in this particular situation, the discomfort can give back. Simply put, it's just a waste of funds. It is possible to alleviate back problems by yourself.
Don't get drunk! When you don't would like your company acquiring inebriated and creating a scenario, you then don't want to conduct themselves like that both. Keep your alcoholic beverages absorption to a minimum in order to actually recall the nighttime you have for the remainder of your life instead of end up in the evening reports.
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In case you have extreme zits which produces cysts and skin lesions, you can travel to a health-care professional to obtain a cortisone injection. These injections are shot to the site of the cyst to get rid of in the puss and harmful toxins and reduce the size and style and irritability that grows inside. In a few time, your acne breakouts cyst will disappear.
It is possible to acquire spots designed to appear in targeted search queries, generating your internet site street address extremely visible to the people enthusiastic about comparable goods or content. This may divert targeted traffic to you and also create brand name recognition by means of frequent looking at. These spaces are usually affordable to get, and are a fantastic purchase for their numerous advantages.
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One of the better ways a Forex trading trader can prevent income decrease is to use an end decrease function. Discover how an end loss runs and how it could keep you from losing your bank account. Basically, this function will set your account to stop investing when you set out to drop excessive. Since most forex traders use automatic application, an end reduction is a must.
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After you have recognized your ultimate weight loss aim, bust it into a series of small, incremental short-word desired goals. Including the most acceptable diet program is not going to produce effects right away. By allowing yourself to slowly advancement from a aim to another, you are carrying out your behalf to keep up a proper, confident view.
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